Weeble Mountain

Portland Casting Agency

Casting Agency in Portland, OR

We cast actors, models, and extras for on-camera projects.

 Contacting Us

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Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call you.

Please Understand

We love you, but we don’t have time to talk to you unless it’s absolutely urgent.

We contact an extremely high volume of talent every day. We do not have any extra time for people who don’t follow directions.

We need you to follow our guidelines for keeping contact to the bare minimum. Sending us additional messages decreases your chances of being booked.

If you don’t follow the directions about how to contact us, it sends the message you will be difficult to work with if hired.

How to Get On Our Good Side

Follow directions, wait patiently for replies, and don’t be a squeaky wheel!

You don’t need to form a relationship with us or “stay in touch.” You need to be quick to respond when we contact you.

If we reach out, we will let you know exactly how to respond to us, Most of the time, it’s clicking a “respond” link in your email, so we can track your reply efficiently.

If you reply with your availability via text or a direct email reply when it’s not specifically requested, we won’t see it.

Once you reply, we will let you know when we have more information for you. If you haven’t heard from us, we don’t have an update. We never withhold information, we promise!

We love people who follow directions, stay flexible, and roll with changes.

If you respond quickly to our message using the right channels, it goes a long way. These kinds of people often go on our “standby” list, and we call them when last minute jobs come up!

Be humble, be positive. A good attitude makes us want to hire you. If you’re not selected, it’s nothing personal. There are many cooks in the kitchen, and the needs for each shoot are very specific. Just take it lightly, and wait for the next one!

How to Get On Our Bad Side

The only way to be considered for castings is to follow the specific instructions given for each casting call.

You will not receive a reply if you message us:

  • Expressing interest in casting calls. Sorry, but a huge number of folks are “extremely interested.”

  • Asking for decisions on particular castings. We will reach out if our client is interested in hiring you. If you don’t hear from us, wait until the shoot dates pass, assume you have not been hired, and wait for us to contact you next time. No news is bad news in this business.

  • Telling us you’re available to work or generally looking for opportunities. We will reach out to check your availability when needed.

  • Sending us resume updates or new materials. You can upload your resume and write notes in your Bio in the “casting information” section of your profile. If we need anything else, we’ll ask for it.

  • Asking when you can see a final product. When we get updates, we post them to Facebook. If we have not posted anything, we do not have any information. Often, our clients don’t send us the final cut. You should look up the project and/or client name from the information in your booking email, and see if you can find it yourself online!

  • Messaging our staff directly, especially on Facebook. Casting is our work. Talking about casting projects is our job. Please let us have our private lives.


Don’t abuse our contact information. You should only be messaging when we contact you first, and you should reply in the specific method we stated.

Don’t ask for more details for your shoot. Call time, location, wardrobe notes, and many other details are NEVER available until the evening before your shoot. Usually late, around 9pm. You should set aside time to pack/prepare, but

Don’t use the “request casting” contact form. This is for our clients only, and shows you are directly disregarding instructions.

Don’t ask about the status of your payment unless you’ve done due diligence. Weeble Mountain is never you employer. We hire you on behalf of the production company, and we always include billing or payroll information in our “booking” or “call time” emails. You should call the payroll company or billing contact directly, and only contact us if there is a discrepancy.

Special Cases

There is almost never a reason to reach out directly, but we know there are sometimes exceptions. Before you reach out, please make sure:

  • You have reviewed all the information given (don’t ask something you should have already read the answer to)

  • You are not asking for information that is TBD (like location or time).

  • You are not asking for us to work around a specific conflict or partial availability. We can NEVER accommodate this. In this business, “available” means FULLY available from the moment you wake up until you sleep, on a given date. If you can’t clear the entire day, you’re not available!

  • You’re not asking us something Google can answer for you! We’re not kidding here, we recently got “what is an I-9?”

If you have read these guidelines carefully and still have a message for us, you may email us at casting@weeblemountain.com.

Messages that do not follow these guidelines will not receive a response.