Weeble Mountain

Portland Casting Agency

Casting Agency in Portland, OR

We cast actors, models, and extras for on-camera projects.

Audition Instructions: Xbox

Thank you for sending us your audition! Please review this entire page before uploading your audition materials.

REquested Materials

Please gather all the requested materials before you begin the upload process.


We need, recent photos - please take new cell phone photos if you don’t have anything on file. Feel free to show us a big expressions here! We love emotion!

No hats or glasses. Make sure your hair is clearly visible and your body type is apparent.


These should be pre-existing photos of you from real life. We love candid photos!

Think of these as photos you would upload to instagram or a dating profile.

We want to see lots of EXPRESSION. Please show us your personality! Laughing, frowning, screaming, crying - anything goes!

Full body shots are best. No selfies. Solo shots only (no other people in the photos).


Where do you game? Your living room, bedroom, basement, garage, attic, dorm room? A secret nook somewhere else? We’d love to see photos!

Please snap a couple photos of your space from different angels - no need to tidy it up first, we want to see an authentic representation.


Upload Guidelines

The self-tape upload site can be a bit touchy! Please read these tips carefully. The website is fully functional if used correctly.

Please be patient after you hit submit. It might take 60-90 seconds to upload. Please don’t refresh the page or go back! If it is successful, you will see a confirmation page.

  • Use a computer instead of a phone if possible. If you’re using a phone, you may need to upload one photo per slot, that’s okay! Please use the “additional photos” boxes!

  • Gather your materials in once place before uploading.

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

  • Fill out as much text information as possible.

  • Make sure you’re uploading the right file types!

    • Videos: MP4 or MOV

    • Photos: JPG, JPEG, or PNG

  • Do not upload large files - anything you couldn’t attach to an email is too big!

  • Use the web browser Chrome - others like Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer don’t work as well.

Ready to upload?

Please double check you have read everything on this page before submitting! We want you to succeed the first time!

Make sure you have Face & Full Body Photos, Snapshots, and Gaming Room Photos ready to upload.

Having Trouble, or want to send us your resume? email casting@weeblemountain.com

Next Steps

We will reach out ASAP if we’re interested in inviting you to callbacks.

You won’t hear from us if you’re not selected, but you can assume a decision has been reached once the shoot dates have passed.