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Stand Ins (Ongoing)


Stand-Ins are an integral part of professional film productions.

They help the camera & lighting departments set up the shots, and help block rehearsals while the actors are getting ready for the scene.

Stand-Ins are needed on most productions, and there are two kinds:

Specific Stand-In: Stands in for one particular actor, usually a lead role who works every day. They should closely match the height, body type, and skin tone of the actor they are standing in for.

Utility Stand-In: Rotates through standing in for different roles as needed. These roles are usually a bit more flexible on their height/look requirements.


First, you need to be the right look for the project! Utility stand-ins should generally be average height and build, while specific stand ins should be a close match to their actor.

Beyond that, it’s all about professionalism! You’ll be on set in close contact with the cast & crew every day, so you need to be extremely reliable and pleasant to be around.

You should:

  • Have Reliable Transportation - your own car that can travel far distances regularly.

  • Be Extremely Punctual - call times are usually early morning and you can’t be even one minute late, as your work is first up!

  • Be a Great Communicator - answer emails, calls, texts promptly and confirm you received all information

  • Take Direction Well - you should be able to understand the scenes and memorize blocking.

  • Stay Humble and Keep a Low Profile - don’t draw extra attention to yourself or interrupt the workflow of others. The ability to wait quietly during shooting is essential.

  • Have a broad interest in production and/or acting work. You’ll be right in the middle of the action, and we want to work with people with a passion for the industry!


Click the link below to submit. Make sure you tell us that you’re interested in being a stand in!

IMPORTANT: Please select “REF: STAND IN” under "how did you hear about us?” so we can find you!

If you already have a profile in our system, take a moment to update it! Adding a new photo or some wardrobe measurements will bump you to the top of the list!

We will contact you for stand-in work if/when we find a match for you. Please note there may be an interview process to confirm the fit.