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Eugene Locals (Extras)

Project Details

TITLE: Nicole, her Ex & the Killer

TYPE: Feature Film


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Terrible Humans in Dark Rooms

SHOOT DATES: Oct 20-Nov 10

LOCATION: Eugene, OR - all talent should be local

EXTRAS PAY: $12/hour (4 hours guaranteed). You will be mailed a check within 30 days of your work date.


A horror comedy about a love triangle of psychopaths, NICOLE, HER EX, AND THE KILLER is the kind of wickedly original tale that will make you laugh, scream, and everything in between.

The screenplay follows Nicole, a woman whose worries revolve around her dysfunctional family, her pathetic ex-husband Jake, and her charming new beau, Braeden. But what Nicole doesn’t know- and what Jake unfortunately finds out- is that Braeden is a serial killer, murdering strangers in the dead of night. With Braeden invited to join Nicole’s family for Thanksgiving, will Jake be able to prevent Nicole from turning her family get-together into a total bloodbath?


Adults 18+ of all types!

All genders & ethnicities welcome

If you have a talent agent, please make sure they are okay with you working extras gigs.

To Apply

Please create a casting profile in our system! If you already have one, take a moment to update it! Adding a new photo or some wardrobe measurements will bump you to the top of the list!

Once you create a profile, we’ll consider you for all current & future castings. However, if you want tell us more about you, we’d love to hear it!

If you’re interested in a specific role, or have skills you want to tell us about, please fill out the form below:


Working as an extra is fun, but it's not for everyone! Please read through the information below and make sure this kind of work is a fit for you! 

HIRING PROCESS: When we have a role for you, we will reach out to book you for a particular date. Once you confirm your availability, you are expected to hold the date completely open 5am-11pm and await further info. The exact call time, location, and wardrobe instructions are sent to you by email around 8-9pm the night before your shoot. You should set aside some time to pack & prepare, and be ready for an early call time. 

FLEXIBILITY, AVAILABILITY, & PATIENCE:  Last-minute changes are the norm in the film industry! You must be able to adapt as needed. If you accept a booking, you should have full availability on the shoot day. The best thing to do is confirm the date, mark your calendar, wait for further info

WARDROBE: You’ll be expected to bring your own wardrobe options according to specific guidelines. We’ll send this info with your shoot details, and you should bring plenty of options!

ON-SET ETIQUETTE: You will be working on a professional film set, and must agree to act professionally at all times. Treat this like any other job!

You will ONLY be contacted if/when we have a fit for you.

DO NOT message us about the status of the project. Instead, please visit our facebook page for updates.