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New Beginnings Short Film

NEW BEGINNINGS is short film written, produced, & directed by women, with a female-majority crew.

SYNOPSIS: Shortly after learning of her unwanted pregnancy, DEVIN, a young Latina woman, wakes up imprisoned in an underground adoption clinic. Set in the all-too-possible near future, NEW BEGINNINGS examines the implications of anti-choice agendas used to manipulate women at their most vulnerable.

Screenwriter Laura Wilson won the Couch Collective's 2018 original screenplay grant competition with the original version, now co-adapted in its current form by writer/director Eva Moss.

PLEASE NOTE: This script is fictional, but deals with strong political themes and has a pro-choice message. All talent submitted should be comfortable with this content.


AUDITIONS: Wed July 11th, 1-6pm (we will contact you by Tues 7/10 to schedule an audition if you're selected)


SHOOT DATES: July 21 & 22, 2018 (talent will work 1-2 days, exact schedule TBD. You should be clear both days in order to submit)

$125/day +20% |  Speaking roles
$50 for 1/2 day  |  Background roles


RENA Female, Caucasian, 35-49 (PRINCIPAL)

RENA is a cunning, complex woman. Oscillating between warm and empathetic, cool and calculating, she quickly gains DEVIN'S trust through manipulation.

Conservative and accomplished, she dislikes cussing and speaks with an authoritative formality even in her gentler moments. She wants nothing more than motherhood, but her struggle with infertility has imbittered her beyond any semblance of maternal charm. 

RENA is steadfast in her principles and will go to great lengths to convince others of her personal truth. Through her, we see morality blur in the name of a cause.  

NOTE: This role is very dialogue-intensive and requires experienced talent for both onscreen and VO work. 

NURSE OSBERN Male, Caucasian, 25-40 (SUPPORTING)

Despite his large frame, NURSE OSBERN is kind and caring and takes great care of his patients...most of the time. 

On the one hand, he is a highly skilled member of a dedicated team of professionals who will provide the utmost care to patients who agree with their principles. 

However, if patients aren't aligned with the political philosophy of the clinic, he will use brute force to ensure their compliance. 

Often detached, robotic and intimidating, his deceptively comforting smile might be the most terrifying side of him. 

NOTE: Must be physically large & visibly strong. 5'11 or taller with a large frame. 

NURSE GERD Female, Caucasian, 25-55 (SUPPORTING)

NURSE GERD is the stuff of children's medical nightmares. 

She is tall, strong, and very strict. She is well trained in physical restraint and won't hesitate to sedate an unruly patient. 

She is completely dedicated to her cause. Even when she is kind, you can tell mercy isn't an option, and compliance is the only path forward.

NOTE: Must be 5'7" or taller. Visibly strong.


The RECEPTIONIST looks kind and friendly, but there is a certain coldness in her eyes that leaves you wondering how much she knows about what's going on in the clinic.


MISS GARCIA is a young woman seeking medical advice when she finds herself pregnant. She visits the clinic to learn about her options, and is distrubed to see DEVIN throwing a fit in the halls. NURSE OSBERN comforts her, but she sees herself in DEVIN and can't help but wonder if she's made the right choice walking throuh these doors. 


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