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PROJECT TYPE: Narrative Music Video

PROJECT SUMMARY:  Music video for new single by Brazilian singer-songwriter Jair Naves.

Our hope through this piece is to show how the disrespect of women and race is an ancient problem, and that it is not hereditary, but rather passed down through society and our culture. From wounded fathers to their sons. Bad behavior is learned and is not natural or inherent in men, and thus there is hope the patterns can be can be changed for future generations.

SHOOT DATES: Tues 8.21 & Wed 8.22

LOCATION: Portland OR area (Columbia River Gorge)


PRINCIPALS $250 + 20%/day (2 days)

EXTRAS: $75/half day (1 day, 6 hours or less)

Mileage/lodging provided for principal talent who love more than 30 miles from Portland. 


AMAL  - Principal Talent
Female | 30-50 | Middle Eastern or other nonwhite ethnicity

Amal is a mother trapped in a physically abusive partnership, desperate to protect her young son from his father's beatings. She lives in the Arabian Desert in an ancient times, and her options are limited. She decided to kidnap their child to bring him to safety - a crime punishable by death. Her husband finds her in the end, and the video ends on a somber tone, making a deep social commentary on the patterns by which we raise young boys to glorify violence over compassion.

There is a stoning scene where Amal is put to death by stoning. Talent should be comfortable with this content not as a glorification of violence, but as an allegorical portrayal of the harm of patriarchal values. Talent should be able to delve deep into despair, rage, and defiance are needed. We will create a safe space physically and emotionally to create this sequence. Role is non-speaking but requires high acting ability.

ELDER - Extra
Male | 50+ | Any Ethnicity

The elders represent greater society, and participate in a stoning when Amal is captured. Dramatic acting skills required. 

To Apply

The deadline for this particular project has passed, but please visit our homepage to apply for general consideration: