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Extras for Feature Film "First Cow"

Project Details

TITLE: First Cow

TYPE: Feature Film

DIRECTOR: Kelly Reichardt

Known for: Wendy & Lucy, Old Joy, Meek’s Cutoff, Certain Women, Night Moves

Kelly has won 13 filmmaking awards and been nominated for an additional 35.


Known for: I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, Green Room, Blue Ruin

Filmscience’s productions include nominees of six Independent Spirit Awards and official festival selections at Cannes, Toronto, Sundance and Venice.

SHOOT DATES: November 2 - Dec 11

LOCATION: Oregon - most locations will be within a 1 hour drive of Portland, but some scenes will shoot in Elkton, OR (Eugene Area)

EXTRAS PAY: $12/hour (8 hours guaranteed).


Cookie Figowitz is the hired cook for a group of rough men on a fur trapping expedition in the 1820s Oregon Territory. One night in the woods he meets King-Lu, a mysterious man fleeing from some vengeful Russians. This is the story of their burgeoning friendship in the ever-changing Northwest landscape--and a get-rich-quick scheme involving the first cow in the territory.


- Infants 0-18 months

- Kids 3-8 years old

-Adults 18+

-Native American talent of all ages

NOTES: We are only casting extras for this project. If you’re interested in speaking roles, please submit via Simon Max Hill Casting.

If you have a talent agent, please make sure they are okay with you working extras gigs.


IMPORTANT: Native American Talent, please select “REF: NATIVE AMERICAN” under "how did you hear about us?” so we can find you!

If you already have a profile in our system, take a moment to update it! Adding a new photo or some wardrobe measurements will bump you to the top of the list!


Working as an extra is fun, but it's not for everyone! Please read through the information below and make sure this kind of work is a fit for you! 

HIRING PROCESS: When we have a role for you, we will reach out to check your availability you for a particular date. Once you confirm your availability, you are expected to hold the date completely open 5am-11pm and await further info. The exact call time, location, and wardrobe instructions are sent to you by email around 8-9pm the night before your shoot. You should set aside some time to pack & prepare, and be ready for an early call time. 

FLEXIBILITY, AVAILABILITY, & PATIENCE:  Last-minute changes are the norm in the film industry! You must be able to adapt as needed. If you accept a booking, you should have full availability on the shoot day. The best thing to do is confirm the date, mark your calendar, wait for further info

PAYROLL DOCUMENTS: You will be paid via payroll, and must be prepared to bring employment documentation (driver's license & social security card, or passport) to set with you on your first day of work.

WARDROBE: Since this is a period piece, we will provide most of your wardrobe on set so it will be appropriate for the era. However, there may be specific requirements for base layers or footwear, and you should always bring weather-appropriate gear for when you’re not on camera.

ON-SET ETIQUETTE: You will be working on a professional film set, and must agree to act professionally at all times. Treat this like any other job!

You will ONLY be contacted if/when we have a fit for you.

DO NOT message us about the status of the project. Instead, please visit our facebook page for updates.

A Note on Ethnicity:

We know that Hollywood has not traditionally been thoughtful in their representation of Native peoples. We would love to engage in a dialogue with you about this film’s inclusion of Native American characters wherever there are questions.

This film is an independently-produced narrative fiction set in an Oregon fur trading post in the 1820s. During this time, European settlers and Native Americans traded furs and other goods as foreigners settled in the region. The Native American characters in this film are people who live in & around the trading post and vendors at the local market.

The filmmakers care deeply about portraying these peoples with the utmost precision, and not defaulting to harmful stereotypes or potentially problematic portrayals. We are happy to provide examples of the relevant scenes upon request, and answer any questions about the film’s treatment of these roles.

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