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We cast actors, models, and extras for on-camera projects.


Please note we are no longer casting for these specific roles. But we encourage you to create a talent profile with us (link below) if you’re interested in future projects!

Project Details

Project Title: Adidas Skate

Type of Project: Commercial Video & Photoshoot

Client: Adidas

Union Status: SAG-AFTRA (you don’t need to be a union member to be hired.)

Summary: We need extras of all kinds for a video showcasing a day in the life of a pro-athlete.

Talent Rate: 

  • EXTRAS: ~$366/day (up to 8 hours)

  • EXPERT SKATERS: ~$2500/day (up to 8 hours), plus additional pay for the use of your image. Note that not all advanced roller skaters will be cast in these roles (some will be extras)

Since this is a union project, the pay is a scale, rather than an exact amount. Final pay will be based on the usage of your image. It might be more than the estimate above, but won’t be less.

Talent Rate includes your hours worked and the use of your image. Note we are only casting talent who are not represented by a talent agent, as there is no +20% agency fee.


Video: Online, New Media (1 year) Industrial (21 months)

Stills: BLT (online, social and in-store usage) in perpetuity

Additional usage terms for Expert Skaters to be outlined at booking.


Auditions: None - we will cast directly from photo submissions

Shoot Dates: 1 day between Oct 16-26 (weekdays)

IMPORTANT: You’ll only work one day, but must be fully available for all possible days in order to apply. This means you don’t have any conflicts you can’t move if needed, and you can be completely flexible to work anytime between 5am-10pm on the day you’re booked.

Fitting/Rehearsal: Expert Skaters will also be required to attend a wardrobe + rehearsal session (date and time TBD Oct 12-25).

WHo we need


Roller Skaters: All ages (kids, teens, adults). All genders and looks welcome!

You should be comfortable on roller skates, but that’s the only requirement!

Male Boxers & MMA Fighters: You should be 18+ and have basic training in boxing or MMA moves. Experience with a speed ball is a bonus!

Male Basketball Players: You should be 18+ and comfortable playing pickup basketball games. Experience on a high school, college, or recreational team is great, but you don’t need to be an expert!

Black or Mixed Race Extras: All ages (kids, teens, adults, seniors), any gender. We need folks to appear in some general scenes, too!

Please note we have temporarily closed applications for minors under 18 for this project! We will have a minor application form re-opened by Fri Oct 19

If you already have a profile in our system, take a moment to update it! Adding a new photo or some wardrobe measurements will bump you to the top of the list!


You will only be contacted if the client is interested in booking you. You will not be contacted if not chosen. 

Please do not message us about the status of the project. Instead, please visit our facebook page for updates. We will edit the original post about this project when the job has been booked.