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We cast actors, models, and extras for on-camera projects.


What If I Have Multiple Kids?

You can only create one casting profile per email address.

If you have multiple children, please use a separate email address for each of them. We recommend auto-forwarding these emails to your regular inbox so you can receive all casting emails in one place.

TIP: In gmail you can create fake email addresses by adding “+1,” “+2”, etc before “"@gmail.com” These will function as separate emails, but go to the same inbox!

For example, johnsmith+1@gmail.com johnsmith+2@gmail.com johnsmith+3@gmail.com.

What’s a “Working Permit?”

Employing minors in the entertainment industry requires a special permit. Note You do not need a permit in order to create a casting profile for someone under 18. Feel free to skip this field on the application.

However, once booked, anyone under 14 years old will need to complete a permit application. We will guide you through this process.

Please be sure that you can quickly locate one of the following documents if needed.

1) Birth certificate issued by any state, county, or municipal authority; 2) a hospital record of birth; 3) state-issued driver’s license or ID with a picture, date of birth; 4) US Military Card; 5) passport; 6) certificate of US citizenship; 7) certificate of naturalization; 8) an unexpired foreign passport with attached Employment authorization; 9) alien registration card with picture; 10) social security administration record indicating date of birth; 11) certificate of age issued by the US DOL; 12) baptismal record

How Do You Use My Personal Information?

We collect information about minors for the sole purpose of casting them in film, TV, and commercial projects. If you have further questions about this, please read our privacy policy.