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Hey Man

Casting Call

“Hey Man” Short FIlm



Title: Hey Man

Project Type: Short Film

Short Summary: Eli, a working-class trans man, starts driving Lyft to pay for top surgery. He quickly learns that he has to code-switch and pass as a cis male for emotional and physical safety. The problem is, he wasn’t socialized as a male and lacks the nuance of being a ‘man’. His nightly route starts by driving his best friend Niki, a professional dancer, to the strip club where she works. With each new passenger who gets in, Eli’s performance of gender shifts and unfolds. The film explores the ways in which queer and trans people survive in the gig economy and navigate gender socialization.

Shoot Dates: Oct 2-6 2019. Roles work 1-6 days, exact dates TBD.

Union Status: Non-Union, but willing to go SAG for union talent.

Auditions: Aug 27 & 28 2019. Self Tapes accepted.

Callback Dates: TBD

Shoot City: Portland OR, USA

The role of ELI is open to talent from any US location. We will provide travel/lodging for nonlocal talent. All other roles are open to Portland-area locals only.

Rates: Principals (speaking roles): $125/day +10%

Extras: $12.50/hr (4 hours minimum guaranteed)

DIRECTOR: Kai Tilman



Director’s Statement
Films made about trans people are mostly written and directed by cisgender folks; representation is often tragic and pitiful, and rarely accurate. As a trans director, I want to make a film that represents a trans story and counters stereotypes. The most important details are: the character has agency, and there is a balance of hardship with joy.

Statement on Sexual Elements
: For Eli's makeout scene, my intention is to show a trans character sexually desired in a way that is not fetishized and not apologetic about their body. For Nikki's implied nudity, I wanted to show an exotic dancer in her power, loving her job and destigmatizing dancing as a profession.

Director Bio: Kai Tilman is a trans/genderqueer cinematographer and director living in Portland Oregon. They have used filmmaking to combine their love of storytelling, photography, and the acoustical world. Kai's films are often used to create awareness about specific issues and to promote respect for difference. They have been honored to be a selected participant in the Filmando en Cuba workshops with Abbas Kiarostami and Werner Herzog in 2016 and 2017. Their short films have been screened at the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland), Fringe Film Festival (London, UK), Musée D'art Moderne de Montréal and Trans Pride Short Film Festival (Brighton, UK), and others. Their latest short film, PUSH PINK , was shown in 20 film festivals internationally including Outfest LA.

Character Breakdowns

All roles open to any ethnicity.

We honor that gender is determined solely by actor’s identity. Please opt-in to any role relevant to you.

Eli / 21-40 / Transmasculine / LEAD


A gentle and queer-identified young adult. He lives in a queer DIY punk household and has a love for colorful fashion. Eli can vacillate between being flamboyant and masculine depending on the company. His nature is tender and emotional and he has a tendency to cry and be vulnerable. He can lose his temper and become scary for protection.

Contains a PG-13 makeout scene with ELI’S DATE. Actor must be willing to kiss co-star on camera.

Actors submitting for ELI will also be considered for the smaller role of BRETT (Eli’s friend who is also transmasculine).

Works 5-6 days.

Nikki / 21-35 / Feminine / CO-STAR

Nikki is a dancer at a strip club, and Eli's best friend. She supports him emotionally and offers him financial support. She is fun, witty, and confident.

Some dance/movement background preferred. Tattoos a plus.

Requires partial nudity. NIKKI will appear in a thong & pasties during a scene at the club she works at.

Works 2-5 days.

ELI'S DATE / Masculine / 18-35 / SUPPORTING

Beard preferred.

Eli’s date is sweet and gender-affirming, and reminds Eli that his body is beautiful regardless of surgery status.

Contains a PG-13 makeout scene with ELI. Actor must be willing to kiss co-star on camera.

Actors submitting for this role will also be in consideration for the smaller role of SCRUFF DATE, that does not require making out, but does require flirting with ELI.

Works 1 day.

BUSINESS MAN / Masculine / 30-60 / SUPPORTING

This guy is a total douchebag. All he cares about are profits, and he treats people terribly. He's a bigot, and makes homophobic comments to Eli during his cab ride.

Must be able to portray rage, bigotry, and extreme capitalism.

Works 1 day.

SPORTS BRO / Masculine / 21-35 / SUPPORTING

Frat guy type. Mainstream-looking sports fan.

A nice guy, but speaks a totally different language than Eli.

Actors submitting for this role will also be considered for DRUNK GUY, who is less of a nice guy and cat-calls women on the street.

A nice guy, but speaks a totally different language than Eli.

Works 1 day.


Stereotypically attractive, high-femme.

Gets in a cab with her friends after a night out drinking, and awkwardly flirts with the cab driver. Very giggly & tipsy.

Works 1 day.


We need an experienced exotic dancer with real pole dance skills to show off their routine! We’ll offer additional compensation for your skills & partial nudity (level of nudity negotiable based on your comfort).

Works 1 day.

EXTRAS: Don’t see a role that fits you, but still want to participate? We need extras for the following roles, too!

Select “EXTRA” as the role on your application, and we’ll follow up with more details if we have a spot for you.

Strip Club Manager | Strip Club Patrons | Woman On The Street (gets cat-called) | Giggling Woman


Please note the lead role of ELI is open to talent from any US location. All other roles are open to Portland-area locals only.

For lead roles, we will reach out to you directly to schedule an audition if interested. For supporting roles, we will request a self-taped audition. Extras will be booked directly from submissions.

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