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Casting Agency in Portland, OR

We cast actors, models, and extras for on-camera projects.




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We are based in Portland OR, and offer casting for projects shooting in Oregon and Washington



Owner Rachel Mossey is supported by a talented staff of casting assistants and background PAs.

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Are you an actor, model, or extra with a question for us?

Please email us at casting@weeblemountain.com with any non-urgent matters. We cannot respond to texts or phone calls regarding casting calls, project updates, payroll questions, work opportunities, etc.

If you are scheduled to work and have an urgent question regarding your booking, we have included our phone number with your booking email. Please remember that, in most cases, all shoot details (call time, location, wardrobe, etc) are sent the evening before your work date.

If you would like to update your casting profile with photos or other information, please use the link below to access your account:


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